Its now official that the world has gone totally mad, and the Sun has become totally submissive to opinions by allowing the banning of its legendary page 3! Page three is a ‘British Institution’; we all have a choice of which newspapers we buy. If we want trivia, briefness and enhanced stories we buy the Sun, if we want more serious news (debatable) we buy the Mail or Express….. which leads to my first point: you would never find The Mail or Express on a building site, on the other hand, you would never find The Sun in an executives office (it’s just not done darling). We ‘ALL’ have the choiceSUN of purchase: which leads to my second point. We have free choice of which newspapers we bring into our homes, with TV we don’t: there are more and more BOOB’S appearing on TV (most out of context with the programme: not complaining) because BOOB’S sell. On TV we get them sprung onto us (once again, not complaining), whereas with newspapers, we know which ones have the BOOB’S and which ones don’t, and we can, intellectually, chose to buy, or not to buy that particular title: if BOOB’S offend us (can’t imagine that). To the campaigners, I say this to ‘YOU’; campaign for something worth while, and if secret jealousy towards the page 3 models motivates and drive your opinions, get a BOOB job!

Huddersfield Hypnotherapist & Weight-Loss Expert says; “Fruit should be eaten not drunk”

We are all in constant battle trying to achieve our natural ideal weight, with obstacles being forever put in the path of our success: and fruit juice is just one of those obstacles.

We have all fallen into the Juicing trap at one time or another, with the saviour being the extreme effort in cleaning and the expense and quantity needed to produce just one glass of fruit juice: where have all the juicers gone? For every apple we eat we take in approximately forty seven calories and every orange eighty seven calories. When we drink fruit juice there can be as many as seven to ten oranges in a glass of fresh orange juice: yes you do the maths. This liquid fruit is poured into our system with the sole purpose of promoting good health; or so we perceive. Fruit should be eaten not drunk. By the chewing of fresh fruit we allow the vitamins, minerals and trace elements to enter the system at the correct pace of digestion: as nature originally intended. Allowing the fruits natural sugars (fructose) to be released slowly into the body to gain full benefit of the fruit itself.

Another hidden truth held back by the food processing company’s is that processed fruit juice drinks, in nearly all circumstances, have ‘sugar’ added within the processing to aid in the preservation of the product; adding even more calories to this most unnatural way of consuming man’s primal foods: primal foods are foods in their natural state, unmodified by man and the key factor to maintaining human health.

We have to stop believing all we are told and start questioning the products and the methods in which they are consumed. Primal foods should make up at least 65 to 70 percent of our daily diet. We have to eradicating what could easily be the main contributing factor fuelling the obesity epidemic today and early human demise. Fruit Juice could just so easily be one of man’s greatest nemesis, because we believe it to be so healthy in this most unnatural state!

John Richardson / Feel Better Fast 2015

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