Hypnoanalysis / Hypnotherapy: The key to freeing the mind!

People who suffer the symptoms of neurosis are commonly both highly imaginative and NICE… a lethal combination and classed in psychoanalysis terms as the Oral Personality Type (OPT). I can remember as a child, when seeing the elderly traveling on buses, imagining life after their stop, creating images of these people living all-alone and lonely with feelings of empathy filling my little body; the emotional pain consciously lasting days. The people who actually ‘don’t give a damn’ are the ones who, usually, never suffer the consequences of their imaginative-minds and have little, if any, consideration or understanding for those who do (often producing fleeting feelings of envy amongst the oral personality types): And its this highly imaginative-mind of the juvenile oral personality type, and its perceptual-adaption of events, that creates repressions (the root cause of present-day, presenting symptoms), which in turn, produces the many sufferings felt in adulthood: An innocent incident can become a traumatic event by nothing more than a lack of intelligence and an input of imagination – The inevitable credentials of a child! Amazingly, it’s the oral personality that’s most-often drawn to the caring profession of Hypnotherapy & The Healing Arts (Maybe looking for their own answers; ‘Physician Heal Thyself), producing the most compassionate therapists though not always the best business-people, consequently, its our profession that all too frequently suffers the greatest of hypnolosses. Hypnoanalysis / Hypnothearpy is an analytic-method to release repressed memories (Re: A repressed memory is the memory of a traumatic event unconsciously retained in the mind, where it adversely affects conscious thought, desire, and action. It is common to consciously repress unpleasant experiences – imagined, misinterpreted / misunderstood, or hard-fact) and their negative emotional attachments, providing relief through release and emotional dissociation; thereafter, consequently, freeing a person from the symptoms they suffer by simply forming a more logical, intellectual understanding of past events experienced, or adapted experienced, through imagination, the root cause of present-day, presenting symptoms: Real or imagined, the difference to the unconscious mind is none (It is an innate, blue light rapid response, for the mind to always protect us from pain and therefore the repressing or hiding of traumatic events is an inborn process natural within the human psyche). Thereafter a course of Hypnoanalysis / Hypnotherapy the memory still remains but looses its high intensity, emotional attachment that triggers the symptoms, by association (linking & connecting one memory to the next), that’s consciously, momentary felt. Our saving grace: A gathering of knowledge, feeding a growing intelligence, that nothing more than time will create, avoids traumatic emotional events from being repressed and symptoms displayed and felt, so heed the prophetic words, “Knowledge; the key to all happiness!” NOTE: Two questions to ask yourself! 1. Do I cry for no apparent reasons? 2. Do I feel sadness for no apparent reasons? If one or both of these two questions are answered with ‘YES’ then Hypnoanalysis / Hypnotherapy will benefit YOU! John Richardson – The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling © 2016

Dr. Rocket’s Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure: Helping Bariatric Patients With Failing Weight Loss Op’s!

The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling are today helping more and more people who have undergone the, now commonly believed, magic knife of the bariatric surgeon, lost weight, only to find that the dream soon ends with the weight all piling back on… and maybe a little more besides. The reason for this is simple: Bariatric surgery is body modification and NOT behavioural change!

Behaviour Focused Weight Loss Success!

logocWhen we are born each stomach is the perfect size and match for the blueprint of the individual that it’s allocated to. Due to years and years of habitual overeating (And the excessive drinking of alcohol and surgery drinks), that’s eating for reasons other than hunger / environmental cues, the stomach becomes stretched through the pure volume and weight of the much unneeded food consumed; as once the food is swallowed the stomach has no other alternative but to accept, receive & process. In a bariatric surgical procedure the size of the stomach is dramatically reduced but the eating habits that engender the behaviors originally causing the stomach to be stretched are left unaddressed: and soon thereafter surgery reappearing with the whole cycle starting again: Or other eating modifications are formed through persistent endeavors such as the continual sucking of sugar loaded foods, drinks and the likes – finding a way around this inconvenient obstacle!

Just like a real gastric band but without the surgery!

Successful Weight Loss can only be achieved by addressing the psychological aspects of obesity, these being Beliefs, Behaviours & Associations (BBA): The regimented eating of Breakfast, Dinner & Tea becoming the main contributing factor in the creation of man’s (or woman’s) obesity along with other weight related issues! Once behaviour is recognised and accepted as the one true fact; bariatric surgical procedures will rapidly reduce and the ones still performed through nothing other than pure necessity will have a greater chance of success than the now currently achieved rate of a low 20%. Dr. Rocket’s Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure can help with and after surgery to guarantee a greater chance of Weight-Loss Success: But think before the cut; as after the dream the nightmares could begin! John Richardson (C) 2016