Hypnoanalysis / Hypnotherapy: The key to freeing the mind!

People who suffer the symptoms of neurosis are commonly both highly imaginative and NICE… a lethal combination and classed in psychoanalysis terms as the Oral Personality Type (OPT). I can remember as a child, when seeing the elderly traveling on buses, imagining life after their stop, creating images of these people living all-alone and lonely with feelings of empathy filling my little body; the emotional pain consciously lasting days. The people who actually ‘don’t give a damn’ are the ones who, usually, never suffer the consequences of their imaginative-minds and have little, if any, consideration or understanding for those who do (often producing fleeting feelings of envy amongst the oral personality types): And its this highly imaginative-mind of the juvenile oral personality type, and its perceptual-adaption of events, that creates repressions (the root cause of present-day, presenting symptoms), which in turn, produces the many sufferings felt in adulthood: An innocent incident can become a traumatic event by nothing more than a lack of intelligence and an input of imagination – The inevitable credentials of a child! Amazingly, it’s the oral personality that’s most-often drawn to the caring profession of Hypnotherapy & The Healing Arts (Maybe looking for their own answers; ‘Physician Heal Thyself), producing the most compassionate therapists though not always the best business-people, consequently, its our profession that all too frequently suffers the greatest of hypnolosses. Hypnoanalysis / Hypnothearpy is an analytic-method to release repressed memories (Re: A repressed memory is the memory of a traumatic event unconsciously retained in the mind, where it adversely affects conscious thought, desire, and action. It is common to consciously repress unpleasant experiences – imagined, misinterpreted / misunderstood, or hard-fact) and their negative emotional attachments, providing relief through release and emotional dissociation; thereafter, consequently, freeing a person from the symptoms they suffer by simply forming a more logical, intellectual understanding of past events experienced, or adapted experienced, through imagination, the root cause of present-day, presenting symptoms: Real or imagined, the difference to the unconscious mind is none (It is an innate, blue light rapid response, for the mind to always protect us from pain and therefore the repressing or hiding of traumatic events is an inborn process natural within the human psyche). Thereafter a course of Hypnoanalysis / Hypnotherapy the memory still remains but looses its high intensity, emotional attachment that triggers the symptoms, by association (linking & connecting one memory to the next), that’s consciously, momentary felt. Our saving grace: A gathering of knowledge, feeding a growing intelligence, that nothing more than time will create, avoids traumatic emotional events from being repressed and symptoms displayed and felt, so heed the prophetic words, “Knowledge; the key to all happiness!” NOTE: Two questions to ask yourself! 1. Do I cry for no apparent reasons? 2. Do I feel sadness for no apparent reasons? If one or both of these two questions are answered with ‘YES’ then Hypnoanalysis / Hypnotherapy will benefit YOU! John Richardson – The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling © 2016

Dr. Rocket’s Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure: Helping Bariatric Patients With Failing Weight Loss Op’s!

The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling are today helping more and more people who have undergone the, now commonly believed, magic knife of the bariatric surgeon, lost weight, only to find that the dream soon ends with the weight all piling back on… and maybe a little more besides. The reason for this is simple: Bariatric surgery is body modification and NOT behavioural change!

Behaviour Focused Weight Loss Success!

logocWhen we are born each stomach is the perfect size and match for the blueprint of the individual that it’s allocated to. Due to years and years of habitual overeating (And the excessive drinking of alcohol and surgery drinks), that’s eating for reasons other than hunger / environmental cues, the stomach becomes stretched through the pure volume and weight of the much unneeded food consumed; as once the food is swallowed the stomach has no other alternative but to accept, receive & process. In a bariatric surgical procedure the size of the stomach is dramatically reduced but the eating habits that engender the behaviors originally causing the stomach to be stretched are left unaddressed: and soon thereafter surgery reappearing with the whole cycle starting again: Or other eating modifications are formed through persistent endeavors such as the continual sucking of sugar loaded foods, drinks and the likes – finding a way around this inconvenient obstacle!

Just like a real gastric band but without the surgery!

Successful Weight Loss can only be achieved by addressing the psychological aspects of obesity, these being Beliefs, Behaviours & Associations (BBA): The regimented eating of Breakfast, Dinner & Tea becoming the main contributing factor in the creation of man’s (or woman’s) obesity along with other weight related issues! Once behaviour is recognised and accepted as the one true fact; bariatric surgical procedures will rapidly reduce and the ones still performed through nothing other than pure necessity will have a greater chance of success than the now currently achieved rate of a low 20%. Dr. Rocket’s Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure can help with and after surgery to guarantee a greater chance of Weight-Loss Success: But think before the cut; as after the dream the nightmares could begin! John Richardson (C) 2016




                       THE ‘TALK TAP’ TECHNIQUE


The ‘Talk Tap’ Technique is the brainchild of Huddersfield based hypnotherapist-healer Mr. John Richardson @ The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling. The simple new discovery leading to weight loss success; enabling positive cognitive shifts by accessing the unconscious mind where the crux of the problem resides.

Richardson’s passionately written Enchiridia contains both uncomplicated theory comprehension and simplistic practical implementation so that the reader can then successfully and immediately put into practice these most effective of methods.

Food has never been the fundamental reason behind why obesity has become most common in today population. We have, for far too long, held food as the prime suspect; formulating and creating food-based restrictive diets that only their failure could have ever been guaranteed. If we are to search and find the culprit, the search has to be conducted in a carefully calculated, correct and accurate vicinity. We have to look beyond the obvious with food being the symptom and behaviour the root cause. If we do no-more than symptom treat, as most conceived diets do, we will achieve nothing other than symptom substitution, switching from one food to another, only to appease the root cause. We have to aim all our intentions at the root cause; this being the fundamental principal of The ‘Talk Tap’ Technique: Removing and replacing detrimental habitual-auto-behaviours, born out of belief with attached triggered associations to beneficial behaviours, creating positive lifestyle changes and weight loss success! John Richardson; Author and Creator of The ‘Talk Tap’ Technique © 2015 www.feelbetterfast.co.uk

‘Tapping focuses all our attention inwards, creating a mindful-awareness of  the information usually hidden from our conscious thoughts.’

After years of studying The Meridian Energy System (The meridians are energetic pathways within the human body that relay information to the entire system as well as channelling vital energy to the organs and tissues of the physical body) I coincidentally stumbled on a way of unobscured communication with the unconscious mind by using the meridian system as a direct line of contact, metaphorically speaking, your own internal telephone network: Re: Enabling conscious thought to disrupt unconscious involuntary-directive-behaviours; remember this statement as its utmost importance will soon be revealed. The unconscious mind (also referred to as the subconscious mind depending on which school of thought is followed) is the home of all our involuntary-directive-behaviours, that is, the behaviours we perform without conscious thought or control, otherwise known as auto-behaviours, or simply habits, that make up part of The Involuntary Nervous System. Auto-behaviours (or habits) are formed for a requisite and totally indispensable reason, playing a vital roll in the ‘Creators’ assurance of human survival. Simple in function, complex in construction; auto-behaviours assist the conscious mind with its inability to hold onto more than one thought at a time and the fundamental reason why habits are constantly formed with relative ease and little objection: Re: The unconscious mind can only hold onto one thought at a time. The prime objective of the unconscious mind is to keep the intelligent conscious mind as free as possible from dealing with routine matters and to carry those out itself. A perfect example of this mind-method is when, on your first driving lesson, all your concentration was focused on the driving itself with little thought allowed to any other subject. Over time, and with repetition and practice, driving becomes an habitual or automatic-behaviour, adding to and becoming part of The Involuntary Nervous System. If a rare or unprecedented situation does occur whilst driving the unconscious mind quickly and without hesitation hands over the controls to the highly intelligent conscious mind in-order to make the correct, accurate and intellectual decisions needed to deal with the anomalous rare occurring situation. After the situation has been satisfactorily resolved the unconscious mind will then, and only then, take back the wheel, so as to speak, leaving you once again consciously-free to think about everything and anything as well as the driving of your car. Have you ever arrived at a planned destination but unable to recall the journey? This is often referred to as driving trance when all that has taken place is that the journey has been uneventful, routine, taken care of by the habit forming unconscious mind, leaving you consciously-free to think of things other than the mono-function of driving a car: The new handbag or the big fish that mysteriously got away.

‘Self-talk, whilst tapping, disrupts involuntary-directive-behaviours  leaving you free to  make a more decisive and beneficial choice.’

Auto-behaviours are the main contributing factor in the creation of all human obesity. Now that’s a bold statement, but if you think about it, it’s so obviously true and the much overlooked element that constitutes to weight loss success; or more often than not, failure. For example; breakfast, dinner and tea in the majority of today’s population has been hard wired into the unconscious mind (The Master Programme) through a persons many years of repetition and conditioning, starting predominately in infancy, forming a fallacious belief that three meals a day are needed, even mandatory; hungry or not! Triggered by the clock, hunger is given little if any consideration in most people modus-operandi. Most of the behaviours that cause us to become overweight are directed and performed from the unconscious mind, with the unconscious mind having little if any intelligence of its own, once a habit or auto-behaviour has been acceptably formed it is thereafter carried out with no further thought or consideration as to whether its effects are beneficial or not to the person effected: The orchestra followers the conductor without question! Over riding habitual auto-behaviours by sheer conscious thought for most people is near on impossible. As once a belief is accepted and the auto-behaviour consequently thereafter formed, when conscious/unconscious conflict does occur the unconscious mind will invariably win the day by nothing more than pure default, with the habit then being future-engendered by unconscious attached associations, for example, 8am = breakfast = eat; hungry or not!

‘As one goes through life one learns that if you don’t paddle  your own canoe, one does not move.’

A good example of this is when a fastidious woman who consciously knows that bitten off nails look unacceptable, unattractive and appalling, though still struggles to stop the chewing and biting of her own nails, relying solely on false nails to mask the habit and enhance the look! When her intention is set and she is consciously aware of her actions things go well, but as soon as her guard is dropped and she is momentarily distracted off comes the first nail, with temper risen and disappointment felt, off come the rest. Telling herself that she will never have the beautiful natural nails of all her friends. Nail biting is nothing more than a habit residing in the unconscious mind often associated with comfort and distraction which over time has become an habitual-auto-behaviour and part of the Involuntary Nervous System; now performed without conscious thought or control, triggered by nothing other than non-intellectual attached association – is this sounding all too familiar with weight loss, slimming and diets? We all know, at a conscious level, how to lose weight but still find it hard to achieve. It is as though a dark force is at work with the sole aim of stopping each new diet attempted from working: That dark force is the unconscious mind, following its programme word for word. This may seem totally illogical because the prime objective of the unconscious mind is self preservation and the continual pursuance of human health, the only flaw in this otherwise perfect system is the lack of unconscious intelligence to analyse each of its directive- actions in accordance to its present-day effect. So once an idea or belief has been accepted by the unconscious mind, albeit a limiting belief, and the habit is thereafter formed, it will be carried out with no further thought as to whether a person will benefit from its produced directive-actions or not, just triggered by the attached association, as seen appropriate by the unintelligent unconscious mind. With the unconscious mind having no concept of time, no attempts of change will be made, probably for the rest of the affected persons life! That’s why you will so often hear elderly people say; “If I could have my time again, and know what I know now, things would be very much different”. Intelligence is something that we all have to build and it’s the interim between being born and the formation of the critical facility of the human mind in-order to analyse each individual situation by its true and intended meaning that more often than not produces the detrimental behaviours that dictate the course of human life: perceptions are the seeds of belief.

‘We can never change the past: The past is man’s reference book and all his mistakes, as well as his triumphs, will be recorded within his book with the one sole aim of stopping him from making those same mistakes a gain: Literally, living by the book. Although, if his book has been ill written by his child’s perspective he will have the very harden task of correcting it as an adult.’  Jampa Jimpa – 1920

The unconscious mind’s hereditary involuntary behaviours are what keeps us alive, making us the most supreme species to have ever walked the face of the earth. For example; breathing, organ function, instinctive-reactions, the healing and immune system, digestion and the many, many more functions the mind, within the brain, carries out, with no conscious thought, control or action needed: Beneficial behaviours. The habits or auto-behaviours that cause us the most problems (dare I say damage) are the ones formed of a fallacious belief system limiting the success of all our endeavors: Detrimental behaviours. We must eat three meals a day, we must empty our plate, breakfast is the best meal of the day, are all prime examples of limiting beliefs forming habitual-auto-behaviours with attached triggering associations: Most formed while still in infancy when the mind is a sponge but unable to evaluate all that it soaks up. In order to lose weight and keep weight off, we must first and foremost change our belief system; identify, question, challenge and change the habitual-auto-behaviours formed of these beliefs, thus detaching all the associations that trigger their response: Reprogramming our minds and creating a new way of thinking. Our neurological pathways need diverting: neurological pathways are sensory nerve cells feeding information to the brain from every part of the body, external and internal. The mind within the brain evaluates the data, then sends directives through the motor nerve cells to muscles and glands, causing them to take suitable action – the over-active knife and fork! By tapping on a specific meridian and sending with intent a Corrective-Statement, the unconscious mind allows the brain to re-direct these pathways specific to the problem in need of correction. By causing a disturbance or pause before the auto-behaviour is executed allows the corrective (replacement) behaviour to be installed. The disturbance or pause creates a space allowing the new and beneficial behaviour to be implanted, deactivating the old detrimental behaviour and removing it from active duty. How many times have you eaten food then wondered why? By tapping before you eat, stops the habitual-auto-behaviour from being triggered by the attached association (8am breakfast time) allowing the conscious thought (Corrective-Statement) to overthrow and supersede the disadvantages existing behaviour.

Healing through the meridians was born with man. Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique all use the meridian system as the fundamental part of the treatment. One of the earliest well-dated and documented cases was a mummified body found in the Alps in 1991. Reliably dated to about 3,200 BC, the body had 15 groups of tattoos identifying acupoints corresponding to arthritic pain, of which this man had clearly suffered in his life. As the world advanced modern medicine replaced this type of healing; symptom treating rather that the more holistic approach of treating the full body. With a full circle now being turned there is a welcome return to energy healing and the whole important median systems holistic approach to human health.

Now; the time has come to hand the POWER of The ‘Talk Tap’ Technique over to you, to experience, and dare I even say, change your life!


‘Talk’: The Corrective-Statement is the message you are about to send directly to your unconscious mind through the meridian network system. The message is sent to disrupt and correct what would otherwise be an automatic response to a specific situation. So, before you put one piece of food into your mouth, first ‘TAP’ and say, “Hunger or Habit?”. Keep repeating the Corrective-Statement until you are satisfied you have your answer: Then respond accordingly with the appropriate action. If it is genuine hunger you will feel hungry (equaled only by sex, hunger is a humans greatest motivator and only food will suffice). If it is nothing more than an automatic response, triggered only by association, the feelings will dissipate and the choice to eat, or not, can be easily made; as this is not hunger! The Corrective-Statement is best said aloud, but I do understand that this is not always possible, so spoken by your inner-voice is most acceptable taking certain circumstances into consideration. Other Corrective-Statements can be formulated to suit individual’s needs and diction from as simple as, “Am I hungry or not?” to “Will this (specific food) benefit my body?”. You will, with time and practice, recalibrate and synchronise your mind and body, thus thereafter, not responding to further environmental cues but only the body’s natural hunger and satiety signals (The Cybernetic-loop), which, day by day will get stronger and stronger until you eventually hearing them shouting at you! Remember, ‘Talk Tap’ is a direct line of communication with your unconscious mind; so be creative, have fun and you will lose weight!

By disrupting auto-behaviours and implanting new behaviours you will be made consciously aware of the behaviours responsible for your own obesity. More often than not it is the little subtle changes that make all the difference, as in the past, these are the ones that have slipped under the radar and going unnoticed. By being consciously aware defies the unconscious minds inability to analyse and intellectualise each individual situation in accordance to a persons momentary needs and allows the over-riding of its habit forming methods, allowing the operator (that’s you) to take control and have a choice. Consequently, by making right and better choices, new behaviours form, thus allowing us a better current-conscious-control over our own life: Making the right choice at the right time.

Note: ‘Talk Tap’ is a great craving buster and perfect for countering the effects of emotional eating (foods that the unconscious mind erroneously believes makes us happy, preventing feelings of sadness and hurt), and the self-recognition of associated foods. A perfect example of associated foods (or drinks) could be; Saturday nights Strictly Come Dancing is unconsciously-associated with curry, wine, beer, chocolate, cakes and biscuits, etc. All eaten with no momentary awareness and current-conscious-control – until afterwards! A Corrective-Statement to use here could be; “I can watch TV without eating chocolate”, or whatever the specific foods (or drinks) maybe.










‘TAP’: The Cybernetic-Portal is one of the most accent meridians known to man. Located between the thumb and the first finger  you will find a soft spot which is easily found by applying soft pressure to the central part of the webbing. By tapping on the Cybernetic-Portal, with a finger on the opposite hand, we can cause a vibratory message to be sent directly to the unconscious mind causing a disturbance and therefore impeding what would have otherwise been an automatic response to some external stimulus (attached association), invoking immediate action due to the unconscious minds unshakable belief. ‘Talk Tap’ is a powerful combination breaking routine behaviours, triggered by association, born out of belief, allowing positive cognitive shifts to remove the old and futile and implant the new and fruitful. Note: One question I often get asked is how many times should I tap? The answer is simple; until you receive a satisfactory answer to the question upon which you are tapping: With practice and experience the number of taps will reduce.


The weight war and the battle against obesity will never be easy, due to the simple fact that we are not living in the original Eden we were first born into. Different to smoking cessation; we all need food to survive. But in today’s modified modern world where food is plentiful and always available, contradicts the instinct of hunt to survive. In the first instance of man’s genesis he would have had to work hard and still his food was not guaranteed, where today, it’s just a matter of opening a door; whether shop, larder or fridge. We all have the instinct to seek food, with food now in abundance we have to take a more conscious approach to managing and controlling our feeding instincts. With the introduction of various liquids masquerading as their superior we are all too often eating when water would suffice, and with daily diets constituting of predominately processed foods, totally bereft of water content, we are searching for hydration in unobtainable places, replacing water with food and often of the dry processed type, and so the vicious circle continues. We must all become much more consciously aware of the foods that we eat, supplying the body with an adequate percentage of the naturally intended fresh food type (100% would be perfect, 65% – 70% would be acceptable) and water. Slimming Clubs rely on nothing more than fear and shame for their limited amount of success; we cannot fight nature, we have to comply, so imagine, what would our original ancestors be eating and drinking (and lifestyle), based on that, you will not go far wrong. When the sheep gives birth to the lamb it makes its food available and nothing more; no breakfast, no dinner, no tea.

Think right, feel right: The way we think influences every-part of our life. We can use ‘Talk Tap’ for lots of other issues that are in need of addressing: Remember, it is a direct line of communication with the unconscious mind; the home of all our beliefs, behaviours and associations. By formulating a Corrective-Statement and Tapping on it, we can change thoughts, feelings and emotions that cause us life-limitations and the often irrational way in-which we respond to certain situations that feel out of our control. We can use it to ask questions; one technique being imagining the unconscious mind as a wise old man (or woman), and whilst on the telephone asking questions and receiving answers. Another example of ‘Talk Tap’ is: As a child we may have had a bad experience on our very first visit to the dentist. The unconscious mind now believes, and erroneously perceives, that every further visit will be a repeat of the first and that we are in need of its protection. The unconscious belief and understanding could be; ‘Dentists must be avoided at all costs’: therefore triggering the fight or flight response on each future consecutive visit. By tapping on the Corrective-Statement; “Dentists only want to help me; I know they are really kind and caring people, just like me.” As the unconscious mind forms a new understanding and you paint a new picture on the canvas of your mind you will feel the fear gradually subside. When you are in a genuine fearful situation, you are in need of your minds protection, problems only occur when that fearful situation is an imagined one, and you know consciously you are safe: Imagination is the language of the unconscious mind; responding equally the same to both fact and fantasy; logical or not.


The unconscious mind has no concept of time

The unconscious mind has no actual intelligence of its own.

Imagination is the language of the unconscious mind.

If you want to progress and develop The ‘Talk Tap’ Technique (T.T.T) you can call; t: 07800584077 or visit: www.feelbetterfast.co.uk for more information. ‘Talk Tap’ is the technique that is simple to apply and produces outstanding results; its benefits and possibilities are endless: You will soon discover new ways to change and enhance your life that you would have never before thought possible. ‘Talk Tap’ is your own behavioural analyst – Happy Tapping; John.

*The ‘Talk Tap’ Technique was inspired by the highly formidable Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Dr. Rocket’s Talk Yourself Slim With The Self-Chatter Diet and Inner-Voice Therapy in-order to assist in the battle against obesity.
‘Maintains conscious awareness of momentary behaviours’

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John Richardson Master Hypnotist-Healer



COULD I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! John Richardson and The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling are looking for people to return feedback. Please could you E-mail: feelbetterfast@btinternet.com with any comments, results, etc; your participation and cooperation would be most gratefully received.

logo dr rockets -09sThe Self-Catter Diet


John Richardson – First-Master Hypnotist Of The Highest Order; firmly believes that failure amongst Hypnotherapists only happens when first not demonstrating the proof and presence of the hypnotic trance to the layman-client; before hurriedly directing him into the chair. Hypnosis being something that we as professional Hypnotists / Hypnotherapists all too often take for granted due to our own in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject, often leading to inexcusable complacency and a lack of empathy, causing detrimental effects to what would otherwise be a successful outcome. This is something that can be quickly and easily fixed by the use of the ‘Hypnotic Convincer’; guaranteeing thereafter instant and higher client success: creating undoubtable belief in the treatment as well as in the hypnotist himself. As hypnosis has no defined feeling of its own the first-time client can all too often be more concerned as to whether or not they are ‘hypnotised’ than concentrating on the content of the treatment and as a consequence diluting it potency.  More often than not the fault lies not with the Hypnotherapist but with the chosen trainer and course content that he entrusted would provide the knowledge and understanding to allow him the successful profession ALWAYS promised in so many course prospectuses. Many Hypnotherapy courses contain little if any rapid and instantaneous inductions, as used by the Master Stage Hypnotist,  perfect for the hypnotic (hypnotherapy) convincer – producing thereafter outstanding results!



Its now official that the world has gone totally mad, and the Sun has become totally submissive to opinions by allowing the banning of its legendary page 3! Page three is a ‘British Institution’; we all have a choice of which newspapers we buy. If we want trivia, briefness and enhanced stories we buy the Sun, if we want more serious news (debatable) we buy the Mail or Express….. which leads to my first point: you would never find The Mail or Express on a building site, on the other hand, you would never find The Sun in an executives office (it’s just not done darling). We ‘ALL’ have the choiceSUN of purchase: which leads to my second point. We have free choice of which newspapers we bring into our homes, with TV we don’t: there are more and more BOOB’S appearing on TV (most out of context with the programme: not complaining) because BOOB’S sell. On TV we get them sprung onto us (once again, not complaining), whereas with newspapers, we know which ones have the BOOB’S and which ones don’t, and we can, intellectually, chose to buy, or not to buy that particular title: if BOOB’S offend us (can’t imagine that). To the campaigners, I say this to ‘YOU’; campaign for something worth while, and if secret jealousy towards the page 3 models motivates and drive your opinions, get a BOOB job!

Huddersfield Hypnotherapist & Weight-Loss Expert says; “Fruit should be eaten not drunk”

We are all in constant battle trying to achieve our natural ideal weight, with obstacles being forever put in the path of our success: and fruit juice is just one of those obstacles.

We have all fallen into the Juicing trap at one time or another, with the saviour being the extreme effort in cleaning and the expense and quantity needed to produce just one glass of fruit juice: where have all the juicers gone? For every apple we eat we take in approximately forty seven calories and every orange eighty seven calories. When we drink fruit juice there can be as many as seven to ten oranges in a glass of fresh orange juice: yes you do the maths. This liquid fruit is poured into our system with the sole purpose of promoting good health; or so we perceive. Fruit should be eaten not drunk. By the chewing of fresh fruit we allow the vitamins, minerals and trace elements to enter the system at the correct pace of digestion: as nature originally intended. Allowing the fruits natural sugars (fructose) to be released slowly into the body to gain full benefit of the fruit itself.

Another hidden truth held back by the food processing company’s is that processed fruit juice drinks, in nearly all circumstances, have ‘sugar’ added within the processing to aid in the preservation of the product; adding even more calories to this most unnatural way of consuming man’s primal foods: primal foods are foods in their natural state, unmodified by man and the key factor to maintaining human health.

We have to stop believing all we are told and start questioning the products and the methods in which they are consumed. Primal foods should make up at least 65 to 70 percent of our daily diet. We have to eradicating what could easily be the main contributing factor fuelling the obesity epidemic today and early human demise. Fruit Juice could just so easily be one of man’s greatest nemesis, because we believe it to be so healthy in this most unnatural state!

John Richardson / Feel Better Fast 2015

Hypno Gastric Band


logo dr rockets -09sDr. Rocket’s; “Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure” helped me to shed two stones says Helen – find out how…..

“Gastric band surgery is a step too far for many overweight people – even if it is the treatment of choice for celebrities such as Fern Britton and Vanessa Feltz.”

THERE are those who may doubt that a single session of hypnotherapy can change someone’s eating habits and enable them to lose weight.

But Helen Wood, 35, from Mirfield, has no doubts at all her two-stone weight loss in the past six months has been due to a technique called a ‘hypno-gastric band.’

Helen, a mother of two, has dropped a dress size since February and says her whole attitude towards food has changed.

“I have yo-yo dieted for years and tried slimming clubs but they never worked,” she said. “I’ve always cooked from fresh ingredients and as a family we eat healthily but I was eating far too much and had hunger and thirst mixed up.”

She sought the help of family friend John Richardson, a hypnotherapist specialising in weight management, who had recently discovered the ‘hypno-gastric band’.

“It involves programming the mind to look at food as fuel rather than eating through emotional hunger,” said John who practises in Upper Denby. “It’s about re-setting your mind and body to eat when hungry and stop when full. As children we do this but then we become programmed to eat up everything on our plate and are told that we can’t have our ice cream until we’ve eaten all our dinner. This programme is still running from when we are young in the sub-conscious mind,” he added.

John says it’s possible to prevent weight problems as well as treat them. “The band is not just for the very overweight but also for people at a healthy weight who struggle to keep it.

“I have treated models who have struggled with their weight who now find it easy to keep at a natural healthy weight,” he explained.

Helen says she found the hypnotherapy session – during which subjects are convinced that they have had a gastric band fitted – deeply relaxing, and the effects were immediate: “I found I was no longer obsessing about food and was able to cut my portions down. I began eating when I was hungry and stopping when I was full. When I was constantly dieting I was always thinking about food and what I could have and what I couldn’t.”

At her largest, Helen was a size 20 and 14 stones. When she had the hypnotherapy treatment she weighed 13 stones and is now 11 stones and a size 14. She’s aiming for 10 stones and a return to the size 12 she once was before having her children, now aged 11 and six.

“It’s taken a few months to lose the weight, but I have never found anything as easy,” she said.

Helen says her weight problem really kicked in after having children and her attempts to diet meant that she was eating different foods from the rest of the family: “But now we all eat the same meals, it’s just that I am not over-eating. It’s better for the whole family because I’m setting a good example for the children. My daughter used to ask why I was having something different for my tea,” she explained.

Now that she is slimmer Helen, who helps her husband Mark to run The Kirklees Gun Shop in Lord Street, Huddersfield, says she has so much more energy.

“My husband was so impressed that he had the treatment as well and has lost 1½ stones,” said Helen.

More details on hypno-gastric band therapy can be found on www.feelbetterfast.co.uk

Gastric banding surgery costs around £7,000 if done privately and can cause side effects. Occasionally the band slips and further surgery is required. However, high profile patients have seen dramatic weight-loss success, leading to an increased interest in the procedure. It is only available on the NHS to people who are over 18, have tried conventional methods of weight loss but failed and are prepared to make a long term commitment to reduce food intake and take exercise.

Hypnotherapy for The Hypno-Gastric Band (ONLY)  costs around £175 for a complete treatment of two sessions, is non-surgical and therefore has no physical side effects.


John Richardson; founder of The Feelbetterfast Clinic now offers LOSE WEIGHT 4 LIFE; WEIGHT-LOSS SUCCESS….. the easy way! A correlation of Dr. Rocket’s Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure & The Revolutionary Talk Yourself Slim (The Self-Chatter Diet). A 12 week course…..  ONLY FOR THE PERSON SERIOUS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS WHO HAS A SET INTENT TO SUCCEED! Through this very concise course of hypnotherapeutic coaching: a training and development process where the coachee will be supported while achieving their specific weight-loss goal. Counselling: providing professional assistance and guidance in resolving psychological obstacles connected to weight and weight-loss and Holistic; Hypno-Analysis, hypnotherapy in its most purest form, resolving the underlying issues attached to overeating and obesity; Weight & Weight-Loss. Instruction: imparted information leading to knowledge, understanding and direction for the person with a set-intent of achieving their goal of weight-loss success and the all important ingredient of hypnotherapy (Hypnosis), each and everyone can easily achieve and maintain their own unique primal blueprint ‘pre-set’ weight: 4EVER.

For more information on LOSE WEIGHT 4 LIFE call John on t: 07800584077 or visit www.feelbetterfast.co.uk