Its now official that the world has gone totally mad, and the Sun has become totally submissive to opinions by allowing the banning of its legendary page 3! Page three is a ‘British Institution’; we all have a choice of which newspapers we buy. If we want trivia, briefness and enhanced stories we buy the Sun, if we want more serious news (debatable) we buy the Mail or Express….. which leads to my first point: you would never find The Mail or Express on a building site, on the other hand, you would never find The Sun in an executives office (it’s just not done darling). We ‘ALL’ have the choiceSUN of purchase: which leads to my second point. We have free choice of which newspapers we bring into our homes, with TV we don’t: there are more and more BOOB’S appearing on TV (most out of context with the programme: not complaining) because BOOB’S sell. On TV we get them sprung onto us (once again, not complaining), whereas with newspapers, we know which ones have the BOOB’S and which ones don’t, and we can, intellectually, chose to buy, or not to buy that particular title: if BOOB’S offend us (can’t imagine that). To the campaigners, I say this to ‘YOU’; campaign for something worth while, and if secret jealousy towards the page 3 models motivates and drive your opinions, get a BOOB job!

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John Richardson

JOHN RICHARDSON - From being a small boy I had watch the constant battle some people fought with their weight and how effortlessly others remained slim. I became totally obsessed with wanting to help these people live an obese free life, and could not for the life in me see why others also couldn't see the obvious answer to obesity that I so clearly could: that food is not the fundamental cause of obesity only the behavioural manner in which that food is eaten is. Obesity is a behavioural condition and until addressed and treated as such will continue to grow. With my burning ambition of saving the world from obesity through the changing of behaviours I trained as an Holistic Hypnotherapist with The National Association Of Holistic Hypnotherapists (NAHH) formerly, The John Howard College Of Holistic Hypnotherapy, with its teachings firmly based on Holistic; Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypno-Analysis) – the foundations of a Hypnotherapy Practice, headed by, in my own professional opinion, one of the country's leading Psychotherapist and Holistic Hypnotherapists. Later achieving Master Hypnotist with The British Academy Of Hypnosis (B.A.Hyp), taught by the Master himself, celebrity Hypnotist Mr. David Knight. My training as an Hypnotherapist and later as an Hypnotist gave me a greater insight and understanding of the conscious and unconscious two mind concept, and how beliefs, behaviours and associations or auto-associated behavioural beliefs can either make or break the quality human life. I am the founder of The Feelbetterfast Clinic (#Successful Hypnotherapy @ Feelbetterfast: The Mind Works) and also The National Behavioural Weight-Loss Programme (NBW-LP). I am a pioneering leading authority on The Hypno-Gastric Band (The Original Dr. Rockets™ Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure), promoting its use in behavioural change to facilitate permanent weight loss (WEIGHT-LOSS 4 LIFE; WEIGHT-LOSS SUCCESS..... the easy way!) and author and creator of the revolutionary Talk Yourself Slim With The Self-Chatter Diet. The linage of all my work stems back to the teachings of my grandfather J. A Laundon (1909-2000) - The Body, A Human Machine, to whom I shall be forever grateful, as through his wisdom and advanced human insight I can today help people live an obese free life, enabling the enjoyment of continual health; my own obsession today now solely rewarded. JOHN RICHARDSON FIRST-MASTER HYPNOTIST

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