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John Richardson Hypnotist-UK

TEL: 07800584077


John Richardson is best known for his long association with The Feel Better Fast Clinic and his ground-breaking work with obesity sufferers. Huddersfield Hypnotherapist, John Richardson, is held in high esteem amongst Hypnotherapists world wide, earning respect due to his extensive development work evolving the Hypno-Band or Virtual Mind Band: Dr. Rocket's™ Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure & SlimmingBand-Uk.  Born in 1961 and educated in Huddersfield his curriculum vitae makes for interesting reading after being a very successful DJ throughout the 80's to managing the worlds biggest Adult Sexy Super Store for its ten most successful years (Pulse & Cocktails, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, J33, M1... It's well worth a visit, as they say; "Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together"), Milkman, White Van man, to name but a few, until finding his true vocation in life as an Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapist after undertaking years of extensive training with The National Association Of Holistic Hypnotherapists (DIP: HYP / NAHH / RPHH), formally The John Howard College Of Holistic Hypnotherapy and later The Alan Kershaw School Of Holistic Hypnotherapy... Also The British Academy Of Hypnosis (DIP: B.A.HYP / MASTER HYPNOTIST) run by Mr. David Knight, studying both Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis, earning himself the overall distinction of First Master Hypnotist Of The Highest Order.

'St John The Evangelist Church, Upper Denby & The Old School Bell At Upper Denby C of E:
The village where John was born, raised and still lives.'

The Feel Better Fast Clinic
is based between Huddersfield, Barnsley and Wakefield in the quintessential, picturesque, village of Upper Denby, and is the home of the Original Dr. Rocket's™ Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure & SlimmingBand-Uk, making John one of the UK's leading authorities on the subject, later going onto create Dr. Rockets™ Talk Yourself Slim With The Self-Chatter Diet, this becoming the title of his first book and
making him one of today's most accomplished authors and expert on the subject of weight loss, diet, and obesity, providing his readers with 'The Answer' to Weight-Loss success! Within his practice at The Feel Better Fast Clinic John takes the broader approach to therapy, this being the catalyst for his unmatchable success, utilising all his skills and knowledge in a cocktail of therapies, producing outstanding results, for clients attending his Yorkshire based country practice. Analytical Hypnotherapy or HypnoAnalysis (The foundations of a 'successful' Hypnotherapy practice & Hypnotherapy in its most purest form) finds and treats the underlying cause of clients presenting symptoms, underpinning Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy... Resolve It! For couples and individuals experiencing life's difficulties. The Feel Better Fast Clinic is an Academy Of Clinical Excellence and leaders in the field of Advanced Hypnotherapeautic Techniques, also First Class Training with The National Association Of Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapists (NAHAH) providing the best treatments and client care at an affordable price; with no compromise.


EB BLACK – Hypnotic Media Consultant at The Feel Better Fast Clinic:
and The National Association Of Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapists, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK

About: John Richardson - I had my first encounter with the world of hypnosis at the highly influential age of eight, when an episode of Scooby Doo (15/11/1969) was shown on TV featuring the evil ghost clown who was later to be revealed as Harry the circus hypnotist. The words he used have always stuck in my mind:


            "You will pay attention for a time and soon your thoughts shall all be mine;
                       Watch the pretty coin of gold and you will do as you are told."

My brother must have been more than fed-up with me making him watch an old button dangling from a string, continually reciting these words over and over to him. I never did get him to hand over his pocket money or do my homework, but it did plant a seed. I bought every book I could afford but something was always missing; I knew that one day I too would learn the secrets of the Master Hypnotist and find that missing link, it was all just a matter of time. Inspired by my Grandfather J. A Laundon, a fantastic Hypnotist (And Psychic: Spiritual Medium) in his own right, and my Great-Aunt Ida (My Grandfathers cousin, Ida Pimm), the most amazing Medium and Spiritual Healer, my journey had just begun.

'When the student excels the Master, the Master has succeeded'
Ancient Teaching Quote

Later in life I studied and achieve my diploma with The National Association Of Holistic Hypnotherapists (DIP: HYP / NAHH / RPHH), formally The John Howard College Of Holistic Hypnotherapy, with one, if not the UK's top Holistic Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist / Hypnoanalyst trainers, Mr. Alan David Kershaw, who's skill in the transference of knowledge is of an unsurpassable quality. He has allowed me a very successful career for which I am very grateful, he instilled within me to seek to be the best (as he himself is) and for this reason I continue to strive – learn from the best, become the best. But there was still something missing. I had mastered Therapy thanks to the teachings of the NAHH, but I still yearned to be more like Harry the circus hypnotist putting people into the 'Deep Hypnotic Trance State' very quickly, just like the famous and legendary Stage Hypnotists – Paul McKenna, Derren Brown, Keith Barry, Andrew Newton, Head Hacking Anthony Jacquin, Johnathan Royle, Martin St James, Huddersfield Based Grant Saunders, The Mind Persuader; David Knight..... all LEGENDS in their own right.

John Richardson

I then had the privilege of meeting one of these legends, Mr. David Knight, one of the country's top Stage Hypnotists and also renowned as the worlds fastest hypnotist. He passed the secrets of the stage hypnotist on to me (for a few pounds) trusting they will always be used with respect, and then 'SHAZZAN' the two became one! I had found my missing link, now I feel just like Harry! I achieved Master Hypnotist with the British Academy Of Hypnosis (DIP: B.A.HYP / MASTER HYPNOTIST) in 2010 for which I feel very proud and honoured – I call this man my teacher and my friend. I am a Reiki Master Healer (Reiki Ray Sensei MICHT @ The Reiki And Relaxology Centre) and EFT Practitioner (Helena Fone, author of, Emotional Freedom Technique  For Dummies) continually in search of new treatments and techniques to improve and advance. I am married to Ann, who runs her own successful business: and the proud father of two beautiful daughters, Rachel and Emma-Jane and Grandad to baby Holly-Rae.

'John was very much a child of many questions, hence Fred, the local milkman, named him, Who, What, Why, Where & When;
the perfect qualifications for a Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapist.'

I have been treating clients since 2007 at The Feel Better Fast Clinic in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and now undertaking a new adventure of touring Soul 2 Soul Past Life Regression & my work as a Psychic: Spiritual Medium (#BarnsleyBoy), along with promoting Hypnotherapy at The Feel Better Fast Clinic around the UK at many Mind Body Spirit Events. Also demonstration and performing the amazing Power of Mind Healing Therapy. I will be presenting talks and seminars (An evening with John Richardson) on Hypnosis (What Is Hypnosis?) and its many uses (The Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure & SlimmingBand-Uk... STOP! Smoking with Hypnosis... Mind Healing Therapy... Past Life Regression... Hypno-Sex Therapy...), performing demonstrations such as Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotic Convinces; teaching, lecturing  & workshops... And now in 2019 taken over the National Association Of Holistic Hypnotherapists from Mr. Alan David Kershaw who passed to the other side of life in March 2018 and the National Association Of Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapists was born to carry on the work of these two great men of our profession: John Howard and Alan David Kershaw as the new principal / teacher... Exiting times ahead and long may it continue!

A Facebook message from March 2016:  
Linda Wood: “Can you help me John Richardson with sugar cravings?
Brian Glenn: “Of course he can, he is one of the best!”

As you can see I have be very fortunate to have been trained and mentored by the best and associated with the best. Call it fate, but all these amazing people have only been too willing share their priceless wisdom, gained from years of dedication and devotion to the Art of Hypnosis; helping Joe Public gain a better understanding of Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy while, together, advancing the progression of this miracle elixir:  Hypnosis; one-day soon all will benefit! I am so proud to be associated with you all! John Richardson x

December 2012


"I lost 3st With A Virtual Gastric Band"..... Says, Alderley Edge Housewife!

John Richardson often makes the headlines, in a good way, due to the success of his Dr. Rocket's™ Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure & SlimmingBand-Uk in and around the areas of Huddersfield, Barnsley, Wakefield,  Leeds and Sheffield @ The Feel Better Fast Clinic, taking clients from a huge catchment area to benefit from Feel Better Fast's highly comprehensive-collective of the most radical & innovative treatments available today. The Feel Better Fast Clinic is located in the heart of Gods own county, West Yorkshire, with additional Clinic's now being held in Cheshire and North Yorkshire. By appointment only. John is making a huge impact and successful weight loss footprint in the Alderley Edge & Wimslow areas of Cheshire, Hale &  Altrincham areas of Greater Manchester and not forgetting Ripon, Nr. Harrogate, North Yorkshire and  the Huddersfield, Barnsley, Wakefield, Leeds & Sheffield areas which surrounds the home and first Clinic of  Feel Better Fast: Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapy (*Clinic Of Excellence), based in Upper Denby (HD8 -8UB) with his #1 Hypnotherapy Weight Loss System Dr. Rocket's™ Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure & SlimmingBand-Uk. John says that; "Hypnotherapy is the fast and effective way of changing the detrimental behaviours responsible for obesity". He continues, "Until obesity is accurately diagnosed and becomes generally accepted as a behavioural condition, and therefore treated as such, no solution will ever be found. With food not being the fundamental cause of obesity. But the behavioural manner in which food is eaten is. Answers the age old question of why food-based restrictive diets always end in failure: Because diets don't work, do they? Dr. Rocket's™  Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure & SlimmingBand-Uk is #Behavior Focused Weight Loss Success!

Often treating the rich and famous, he was the original therapist of the Real Housewives Of Cheshire with his clients traveling great distances for his expert advice and help to his Huddersfield based Feel Better Fast Clinic, to enjoy the success of his revolutionary treatments, combining Weight loss and Hypnotherapy. He has become a renowned specialist in solving the problem of baby weight, childhood obesity and people who have had a life-long battle with weight & weight related issues; helping many stars of the media return back to work, looking good and feeling great #Behaviour Focused Weight Loss Success!

He has made appearances on Breakfast TV #mornings talking about his best selling book Dr. Rocket's™ Talk Yourself Slim With The Self Chatter Diet    (available from amazon   & itunes; as a hard copy and download) providing the 'ANSWER' to Weight-Loss Success..... the easy way! Working with many celebrities; healthy weight for people who like to be seen! Now Dr. Rocket's™  Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure & SlimmingBand-Uk is now available to everyone suffering obesity at an affordable price (£175 .00 for the 2 sessions needed, aftercare & support) so there has never been a better time to make that change and take control of weight and weight related Issues. #Behaviour Focused Weight Loss Success!

John holds regular Clinic's at The Feel Better Fast, Upper Denby, West Yorkshire, HD8 – 8UB, chiefly serving Huddersfield, Wakefield, Barnsley, Sheffield, and Leeds. Also at Alderley Edge, Wimslow, Cheshire ~ Hale and Altrincham, Greater Manchester ~ Ripon, Harrogate, North Yorkshire on selected dates, by appointment only; not only for weight loss but all Emotional, Anxiety & Nervious Disorders; Fears, Phobias & Panic attacks, Stopping Smoking... and the list goes on: See The Relevant Pages on This Website! With the careful choice of location Fairfields, Upper Denby, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD8-8UB. The Feel Better Fast Clinic, Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapy, is easily accessible from all major routes. Open 7 days a week, home visits can be arranged prior to the appointment at a minimal cost to the client – T:07800584077

     PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE... & The Story Continues!
Call The 'CLINIC' On T: 07800584077 - Information Freely Given

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The World Hypnosis Speed Record  2003 - MR. DAVID KNIGHT

On the 20th of March 2003 David Knight officially became the Worlds Fastest Stage Hypnotist, hypnotising 37 volunteers in less than 45 seconds creating a new world record for speed hypnosis! The event was witnessed by 50 spectators and officiated by Lord Christopher Ebejer and timed by Lady Jane Ebejer. The Lord Mayor of Sedgefield and Local Councillor were also at hand and helped with the event. Stage Hypnotists, Glenn Jones, Christopher Lord, Dave Williams and Graeme Corner witnessed the event and were to hand to confirm the authenticity of the process. Professor Tristan Keats confirmed the hypnotic state on the volunteers with the use of a bio feed back meter and independent tests - Now you can see why John Richardson says, ''I was trained by the best!''

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